My First Pedicure

I remember my first pedicure. I was fresh out of jail maybe a week. 37 weeks pregnant and my grandmother treated me to it. I remember thinking it was the best feeling in the world, I felt so pampered and so luxurious. I kind of laugh at that now, I’ve had so many since then and I guess I have taken that for granted. The fact that I can just drive over and get one anytime I want.

Up until that point my life had been a series of unfortunate events and nothing truly nice had been done for me. Not that I deserved it. I had grown used to the hard life.

I hope I always remember how proud I felt of that nail service. The woman that did the service will never know how much it meant to me. She’ll never know she did one of the nicest things for me I’ve ever had after a long road of nothing but bad. I don’t even think my grandmother knew exactly how much it meant to me.

I bragged to my probation officer about it and he acted confused on why it mattered. Isn’t it crazy something so simple just lit up my whole world?

I decided from then on I would be the kind of person that got pedicures. I would be the kind of woman that took care of herself and I have. For the most part. I do get so caught up in life and work that I forget that promise. I can admit I’ve neglected myself this last year.

Today I got a pedicure, I’m actually writing this while she’s polishing me. Full of weird emotions remembering that girl from 5 years ago. I wish I could go back and tell her that we’re gonna be ok; that we made it.

If you’re reading this, go do something nice for yourself this week. Even something as simple as a pedicure. And truly sit and reflect on how special it is that you’re able to do that.

I hope I can continue through life finding excitement and appreciation in all things, no matter how “normal” they may seem.

I hope you can too. I hope you know that even on your hardest day, you are surrounded by walls and a roof. I need you to know that it’s always going to get better and we can all be the kind of women that get pedicures 🖤

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  1. I’m cryinggg 😭😭

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