Be Loud

I hate when I see people apologizing for sharing their traumatic experiences. All because someone made them feel annoying for doing so. As if they should suffer in silence. I’ve been told before and seen people post on their own social media that we SHOULD suffer in silence and be private in our emotions. Like no, YOU need to suffer in silence. We don’t. We know our voice and we use it. If it weren’t for people like us loudly expressing our truths and advocating for what we know then where would the world be? Everyone including you would feel so alone. So lost. There would be no hope for a better future because no one spoke on any of it.

There’s no right or wrong way to cope with trauma. Some of us NEED privacy, some need to move on from it and act as if it never happened. You aren’t wrong for that. And then there’s some that need to be loud about it, we need to make an example of our situations and preach and advocate to others.

I know for me personally I needed there to be a reason that I experienced everything I did. I needed something good to come out of it, I couldn’t go to my death bed knowing that all these things happened for no reason at all.

Going into this little writing thing I’ve done, I knew I’d have people that rolled their eyes at my posts. I’m sure there are people who read and laugh and mock me. I don’t care. The things I write aren’t for them. My words aren’t for their life.

Today we are fortunate enough to live in a world where social media exists and stories like mine are spread like wild fire. I always wonder if I had been more educated on abuse and addiction would I have still followed that path?

I’m writing this about a week before it’s being published, and today I had thoughts of not publishing it. Like, who wants to hear me rant? Lol. But I had a client today and she told me that she wished she could be more like me in how I am so up front and vocal about my feelings and I feel like that was the sign I needed that this is ok to post.

There’s so many women who want to speak out and feel like they can’t, or worry what other people will think or say.

I told her that for me; after I hit publish I release it. I’m free from it and I don’t put worry into who reads it or what they think. I can’t. I’ve been a prisoner of my own mind for so long that if I allowed my blogs to hold me prisoner too then that’d be against my whole purpose here.

Someone I know recently shared to their social media that they didn’t even realize they were being abused for years until another story of abuse was shared and they started researching it. Can you imagine how lonely her world was for all those years? And if she hadn’t ever read about other people’s experiences how long would she have stayed and been abused? Would she have been killed someday? Would her child have experienced abuse too?

Don’t be silenced because your truth is too loud for others: be louder.

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