Hey y’all! I’m Stephanie founder and writer for Breaking Free. I’m almost 5 years sober. I’ve been through every possible trial and tribulation you can think of and I’m ready to share it all with you in hopes that it will not only help pull others out of the darkness, but also give hope to parents and loved ones of addicts and prevent others from using drugs to begin with.

I’ve been severely abused, sexually and physically. I’ve been homeless, sleeping outside in the rain with nothing, I’ve lost custody of a child, been to jail so many times, attempted suicide, almost lost my entire life to drugs and then gained it all back plus more!

I’m now a mom, a wife, a salon owner. I am loved, I am safe, I am respected. Writing and talking about my story gives me strength, and it gives strength to others who aren’t ready to share. I’m a voice not only for myself but for all addicts.

Everything you thought about addiction will change by the time I’m done telling my story. It gets dark, very dark. There’s some hilarious moments, some happy moments. Moments that y’all will be so proud of! I hope to be a positive influence in everyone’s communities, I’m open to questions and or feedback on what y’all want to hear about.

Join me while I break free

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