29 Lessons in 29 years

  1. You don’t always have to get the last word. Silence truly is golden in some situations.
  2. There is no written law stating you have to go to family holidays if you don’t feel comfortable doing so.
  3. You don’t have to spend money to make special memories.
  4. Going through the car wash once every week will keep your car from turning into a dump truck, believe me I’ve been there lol
  5. If you say you’re trying your best at dieting and still not losing weight, chances are you are cheating yourself. You know what corners you’re cutting, quit that and give yourself a fair fighting chance.
  6. A freshly lit candle in a freshly cleaned home with freshly washed sheets is one of the greatest feelings in life
  7. It’s ok to be nice to people that are hateful to you, that doesn’t mean they’ve won anything. It means you aren’t letting their sour attitude bring you out of character
  8. Buy art from local artists and skip the stuff at department stores that everyone else has
  9. Collect things that bring your heart joy, even if no one else understands it.
  10. You don’t always need 50 pictures to remember the fun days, put your phone away and enjoy it and live it while you’re in the moment
  11. Be self sufficient and independent. Even if you have the most amazing spouse on this earth, tomorrow isn’t promised and neither is their income. You could be left to your own skills and you need to be able to take care of yourself if no one else can.
  12. Family is important but you don’t have to put yourself through years of toxicity just because you’re holding onto this idea of a big happy family.
  13. People will respect you more if you’re on time.
  14. Take a vacation every year, no matter what. You may think you can’t afford it but you’d be surprised what little expenses you could cut back on to make it happen. And how many weekend getaways you could make happen off of $500 or less
  15. Realize that the other person isn’t always the problem. You probably have your own set of toxic and abusive traits at times. That doesn’t make you a bad person, just reflect and move forward.
  16. Let your kids be who they are; not who you wished you were.
  17. Be artsy, even if you’re bad at it.
  18. Exercising really will make you feel better no matter how much we dread it.
  19. Be a good listener and a secret keeper.
  20. Trust that the storm will always end.
  21. Read more books, write more thoughts, solve more puzzles. Keep your mind open.
  22. Remember in high school when you thought those days were all that mattered and every stress you felt then felt like the end of the world, like you couldn’t go another day? You’ll feel the same way about today in 10 years.
  23. It’s not all about you; ask other people how their day was.
  24. Compliment people, especially your kids. Speak so much kindness into them that they aren’t easily distracted by words and know their worth.
  25. You don’t have to drink or get high to have a good time.
  26. It’s ok if you have spaghetti and tacos every week, you’re tired. No one’s lives are as Pinterest perfect as we think.
  27. Wear clothes that you love and that you’re comfortable in. Are you buying them for you or someone else?
  28. Don’t get so settled into your day to day routine that you forget to make a real life. Go out with your friends. Date your spouse. Treat yourself to alone time and get that pedicure and facial when you want it.
  29. Love yourself so much that you won’t tolerate anything less than what you know you deserve. Treat yourself and your relationships the same way you preach to your friends to treat theirs

Sorry I’ve been MIA, feel free to drop your own lessons learned in the comments below and please share

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  1. Goals!! You are such an inspiration! You have deep insights on life and I’m proud to have ever had you in my life.. through the thick and the thin you always overcome. You are an inspiration to so many and a role model to more! I love you and I’m so proud of the woman you are today. Don’t ever stop growing as a person, your children are so lucky to have a mom with such experience and humbleness! You are a light Steph!

  2. Your amazing in every way! Your so strong and a beautiful person inside and out. Don’t let anyone tell you different 💜

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